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High Durability HDD Rock Reamers With Rubber Or Metal Bearing Cutter
  • High Durability HDD Rock Reamers With Rubber Or Metal Bearing Cutter
  • High Durability HDD Rock Reamers With Rubber Or Metal Bearing Cutter

High Durability HDD Rock Reamers With Rubber Or Metal Bearing Cutter

Place of Origin Hebei,China
Certification ISO9001
Product Details
High Manganese Steel
Hole Opener
Horizontal Directional Drilling
Threaded Or Non-Threaded
Well Drilling
Trenchless Technology
High Light: 

High Durability HDD Rock Reamers


Metal Bearing Cutter HDD Rock Reamers


Metal Bearing Cutter hdd machine reamer

Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details
According to customer needs
Delivery Time
15-30 work days
Payment Terms
Product Description

High Durability HDD Rock Reamers with Rubber or Metal Bearing Cutter

Product Description:

HDD Rock Reamers

HDD Rock Reamers are a type of hole enlarging reamers which are used for oil well drilling and rock drilling. Our reamers are designed to be used in medium hard formation and are available in both threaded and non-threaded connection types. The weight and other features are customizable to meet specific requirements. Our reamers are perfect for use in machinery repair shops and construction works, as they provide the advantage of trenchless technology.


  • Product Name: HDD Rock Reamers
  • Packing: Wooden Case, Customization
  • Formation: Medium Hard Formation
  • Size: Customization
  • Connection: Threaded Or Non-Threaded
  • Drilling Hole Reamers, Hole Enlarging Reamers, Rock Drilling Reamers
  • Applicable Industries: Machinery Repair Shops, Construction Works


Technical Parameters:


Property Value
Application Horizontal Directional Drilling
Packing Wooden Case, Customization
Applicable Industries Machinery Repair Shops, Construction Works
Type Hole Opener
Use Well Drilling
Material High Manganese Steel
Connection Threaded Or Non-Threaded
Advantaced Trenchless Technology
Product Name HDD Rock Reamers
Cutter Bearing Rubber Or Metal Bearing
Rotary Hole Reamers Yes
Hole Enlarging Reamers Yes




HDD Rock Reamers are designed for drilling and enlarging holes in various rock formations. They are widely used in the drilling industry for well drilling, mining, geothermal and other applications. These reamers are made from high-grade steel and are highly durable. They are available in a variety of sizes and shapes and are certified to ISO9001 standards.

The use of HDD Rock Reamers helps to ensure that the holes that are drilled are of a consistent size and shape. The reamers are able to expand the hole size in order to provide improved performance and accuracy. They are suitable for drilling in a wide range of rock formations, including sandstone, limestone, shale and granite.

HDD Rock Reamers are also highly cost-effective and are available at competitive prices. They can be customised according to customer needs and come with a variety of packaging options. The delivery time is usually 15-30 work days and payment terms are usually TT.

HDD Rock Reamers are manufactured in Hebei, China and are renowned for their excellent durability and reliability. They are the perfect choice for those who need to enlarge holes in various rock formations.


Reamer Size Cone size and # of Cones Threads
Cone size #of Cones Cone size # of Cones
10“ 6 1/2” 3     NC23 NC26(2 3/8IF) D50 D80 NC31(2 7/8IF) NC38(3 1/2IF)
12“ 8 1/2” 3    





8 1/2”or 9 1/2”


For 8 1/2”-9 1/2” Cone:

NC23 NC26(2 3/8”IF) D50 D80 NC31(2 7/8”IF) NC38(3 1/2”IF)


For 12 1/4”-13 5/8” Cone:

4”IF 4 1/2IF 5 1/2FH 6 5/8FH

18”-20“ 5 12 1/4” 4
22”-24“ 6



12 1/4” or 13 5/8”

28”-30” 7 6
32”-34” 8 7
36“-38” 9 8
40“-42” 10 9
44“-46” 11 10
48”-50” 12-13 11



High Durability HDD Rock Reamers With Rubber Or Metal Bearing Cutter 0


Packing and Shipping:

Packaging and Shipping for HDD Rock Reamers

The HDD Rock Reamers are packaged securely in robust, weather-resistant cardboard boxes to prevent any damage during shipping. The box dimensions are: length 30 cm, width 30 cm, height 20 cm.

The entire package weight is approximately 10 kg and it is shipped via standard air freight. It usually takes 7-14 business days for delivery.


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卧式定向钻铰刀 滚岩机 铰刀 非开挖硬盘铰刀 2
卧式定向钻铰刀 滚岩机 铰刀 非开挖硬盘铰刀 3
卧式定向钻铰刀 滚岩机 铰刀 非开挖硬盘铰刀 4
卧式定向钻铰刀 滚岩机 铰刀 非开挖硬盘铰刀 5



Q1: Where are HDD Rock Reamers made?
A1: HDD Rock Reamers are made in Hebei, China.
Q2: Are HDD Rock Reamers certified?
A2: Yes, HDD Rock Reamers are ISO9001 certified.
Q3: What is the price of HDD Rock Reamers?
A3: The price of HDD Rock Reamers is negotiable.
Q4: How will HDD Rock Reamers be packaged?
A4: HDD Rock Reamers will be packaged according to customer needs.
Q5: How long does it take to deliver HDD Rock Reamers?
A5: It takes 15-30 work days to deliver HDD Rock Reamers.


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